Geekria UltraShell Headphones Carrying Case, Compatible with K540, K619, K67, K167, ATH-M40x, M50x, ANC29, ESW10, WS77, 950BT Headphone and More - Protective Hard Shell Headset Travel Bag

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Case compatible with (but not limited to):
- Audio-Technica ATH M50X, M50xWH, M50xBB, M50, ANC7B, ANC27 case
- Audio-Technica ATH ANC9, M50S, MSR7NC, MSR7BK, MSR7GM case
- Audio-Technica ATH ES88, ANC27X, WS99, AX5, AX5BK case
- Audio-Technica ATH MSR7, DSR9BT, M40x, WS55 case
- Audio-Technica ATH AX3IS, AX5iS, ESW9, CPRO500MK2 case
- B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i, H4, H8, H9, H7, H6, H2 case
- Parrot Zik, Zik 2.0, Zik 3 case
- Plantronics BackBeat PRO, BackBeat PRO 2 case
- Panasonic RP-DH1200, RP-DH1250, RP-HX650, RP-HD10, RP-DJ1200, RP-HX550 case
- Panasonic RP-HX350, Rp-hx350-k, Rp-hx350-r, Rp-hx350-w, Rp-hx350-v, Rp-hx350-A case
And many other headphones

- Headphone case only, Headphone not included.

(Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.)

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