Geekria UltraShell Headphone Case for HiFiMAN HE400i, HE400S, Audeze EL-8 LCD-3 LCD-4 LCD-X LCD-4z LCD-MX4, Grado GS1000i Full Size Hard Shell Large Carrying Case Headset Travel Bag (Black Nylon)

  • $26.04

Product Features

  • Maximum compatible headphones dimensions (case inside): 9.25 x 8.07 x 4.52 inches (23.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 cm)
  • Engineered ultra-hard shell protects against drops, impacts or crushes.
  • Internal mesh pocket conveniently stores cables, chargers, AMP, earpads, adapters, iPod and other accessories.
  • Case designed to fit Fit HiFiMAN HE 400i, HE 400S, Sundara, HE 5he, HE 6se, HE 5se, AudioQuest Night Hawk, Night Owl, PreSonus HD7, HD7-A, Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-X, LCD-4z, LCD-MX4, EL-8, Grado PS1000e case. A good replacement or upgrade of the original headphones case.
  • If the case doesn't fit or break within one year, Geekria will replace or refund. No question asked.

Product Description

UltraShell Headphone Case Compatible with:
- HiFiMAN HE400i, HE400S, Arya, HE5he, HE6se, Sundara, Ananda case
- AudioQuest NightHawk, NightOwl case
- Grado GS1000i, PS1000e case
- NoiseHush BT700-12266, NX22R, I7-12174 case
- PreSonus HD7, HD7-A case
- Koss QZ99, case
- Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-X, LCD-4z, LCD-MX4, EL-8 case
And many other large headphones

Package Includes:
- 1 x Audeze Headphones Carrying Case

- HiFiMAN Headphone Case only, HiFiMAN Headphones are not included.

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