Geekria Sweater Knitting Headphone Headband for Solo3, Solo2, Studio3, ATH MSR7, ATH-WS99BT Headphones / Stretchable Knit Fabric Headband Cover / Comfortable Protector Sleeve (Pop Magenta)

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Product Features

  • Stretchable Knit Fabric is comfortable and can be hand washed.
  • Improve the comfort of wearing a headphone, protect the headband to prevent damage and scratches on the headband, avoid peeling off the skin of the aging headband.
  • Fit most on-ear and Large over-ear headphones, like Solo3, Solo2, Studio3, Studio2, Studio, WH1000XM3, WH1000XM3/B, 1000XM2, WH-1000XM2/B, 1000X, MDR1000X/B, 100ABN, 100AAP, XB950B1, XB950N1, CH700N, CH500, XB950BT, XB950BT/B, XB950BT/L, XB950BT/R headphone Headband.
  • Product Dimensions: 9.05 x 3.14 inches (23 x 8 cm), Color: Pop Magenta
  • Package Contents: Headphone Headband x 1

Product Description

Headband Cover Compatible with:
- Solo Pro, Solo 3, Solo 2, Solo HD Headband
- Studio 3.0, Studio 2.0, Studio, Executive Headband
- Sony WH-1000XM4, WH-1000XM3, WH-1000XM2 Headband
- Sony MDR-1000X, MDR-1000X/B, MDR-100ABN, MDR-100AAP Headband
- Sony MDR-XB950B1, XB-950N1, WH-CH700N, WH-CH500 Headband
- Sony MDR-XB950BT, MDR-XB950BT/B, MDR-XB950BT/L, MDR-XB950BT/R Headband
- Sony MDR-XB650BT, MDR-XB650BT/B, MDR-XB650BT/L, MDR-XB650BT/R, MDR-XB650 Headband
- Sony MDR-1A, MDR-1AM2, MDR-1R, MDR-1RBT Headband
- Sony MDR-1RNC, MDR-10R, MDR-10RBT, MDR-10RNC Headband
- ATH MSR7, MSR7NC, MSR7BK, MSR7GM, M50 Headband
- ATH-WS99BT, ATH-ES700, ATH-WS33X, ATH-S100 Headband
- Parrot Zik, Zik 2.0, Zik 3.0 Headband
- Sennheiser Urbanite XL, Momentum, Momentum 2.0, Momentum On-Ear, Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Headband
- Sennheiser PXC 550 Headband
- Bose QC 35, QC35(Series I), QC35(Series II), QC 25, QC 15, SoundLink, SoundLink around-ear headphones II Headband
- Bose SoundTrue, SoundTrue around-ear headphones II, AE, AE2, AE2i, AE2w Headband
And many other headphones with a similar size

- Headphone Headband only, Headphone is not included.

(Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.)

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