Geekria Replacement Audio Cable for Beats Solo3, Solo2, Solo HD, Studio3, Studio2, Studio, Executive, Beats X MCM, Mixr Pro, Soul X-TRA, SL150BW Headphones - 3.5mm Stereo Cord (Black 5.6FT)

  • $7.47

Product Features

  • Made of premium copper, provide optimal conductivity and durability. Compatible with Beats Solo 3, Solo 2, Solo HD, Studio 3, Studio 2, Studio, Executive, Mixr Pro, Soul Ludacris SL150BW, Ludacris SL100, Ludacris SL100RB, Combat+, Ludacris SL300GG, Ludacris SL300WB, Electronics Ultra Cable.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Cold tolerance and rugged, ensure the superior audio transfer against electron magnetic or radio interference (EMI or RFI), extreme cold or hot temperature and maximum protection.
  • Work with most devices with standard 3.5mm Aux Jack, such as headphone amplifier, iPad, iPhone, iPods, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, cellphones, tablets, home theater, speakers, etc.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Beats Studio 3 Headphone Replacement Cable.
  • Geekria will Replace Cable broken in 6 months.

Product Description

Compatible Headphones:
- Beats Solo3, Solo2, Solo HD, Executive Cable
- Beats Studio, Studio2, Studio3, Beats x MCM, Mixr Pro Cable
- Soul X-TRA, Electronics SJ27SL Jet Pro, Electronics Ultra Cable
- Soul Impact OE, Ludacris SL300WB, Ludacris SL300GG Cable
- Soul Combat+, Ludacris SL100RB, Ludacris SL100, Ludacris SL150BW Cable
and more 3.5mm Jack Headphones.

- Beats Studio 2 Cable only, Studio is not included.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Beats Solo 3 Headphone Cable

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