Geekria Stretchable Headphone Earpad Covers / Disposable Sanitary Earcup Fits Sony MDRZX100, ZX300, ZX310, XB200, AKG K840, Q460, K420, K450 and more small size Headphones, 200pcs (100Pairs Blue)

  • $25.62

Product Features

  • Thin non-woven fabrics material covers the Headphones and Allows Sound to Pass Through.
  • Makes it safe and hygienic to share headphones with many different people without bacteria breeding. Great for Gym, Offices, Computer labs, Libraries, Hospitals and more
  • Fit Sony MDR-ZX100, ZX300, ZX310, XB200, ZX102DPV, AKG K840, Q460, K420, K450, K412P, K430, K451, K452, K480NC, 490NC, K495NC, Y40, Y45BT headphones.
  • Product Dimensions: 2.76 inches (Diameter: 7cm)
  • Package Contents: Headphone Earpad Covers X 100 pairs

Product Description

Share headphones without spreading the germs! This disposable headphone covers safely protect headphone users, providing a sanitary barrier from dirty hair, skin cells, lice, viruses, bacteria and infections. Headphone covers are soft, comfortable and allow sound to pass through while keeping your headphones hygienically clean.

Compatible Headphones:
- Bose OE, OE2, OE2i, ON EAR, QC3 Earpad Covers
- Beats Solo, Solo HD, Solo 2, Solo 3, MIXR, EP Earpad Covers
- AKG K840, Q460, K420, K450, K412P, K430, K451, K452, K480NC Earpad Covers
- AKG K490NC, K495NC, Y40, Y45BT Earpad Covers
- Sony MDR-ZX100, ZX300, ZX310, XB200, ZX102DPV Earpad Covers
- Sennheiser HD219, HD229, HD239, HD218, HD228, HD238 Earpad Covers
- Sennheiser HD220, PMX100, PMX200, PX100, PC131, PC130, PC30, PX90 Earpad Covers
- ATH FC707, FC700, FW3, FW33 Earpad Covers
And many other small size Earpads

Package Includes:
- 100 pairs Headphone Covers

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