Geekria Apollo 4.4MM Balanced Female to 3.5MM Balanced Male Adapter Cord / 5 Cores Conversion Audio Cable, Aluminum Alloy Casing, PP Yarn-Braided Upgrade Cable (0.4ft)

  • $10.62

Product Features

  • The Upgrade cord converts your 4.4mm Balanced to a 3.5mm Balanced.
  • High Quality PP yarn-braided cable, aluminum alloy casing, with 3.5mm male and 4.4mm female aluminum alloy casing plug.
  • For simple connectivity, allows you to enjoy your favorite 4.4mm Balanced earphone headset on some 3.5mm Balanced audio/video player device
  • Suitable for Balancing Music Player Devices.
  • Cable Length: 5.5 inches (14CM), Package Content: Upgrade cable Adapter x 1

Product Description

- Low-frequency control, high analytical power, strong sound density and texture.
- The sound field is wide and air is very good.
- The sound is exquisite and natural, the tone is full and round, not fluttered, smooth and delicate.
- The analytic force is good, the foundation is good, careful, sweet, fresh, thorough, halcyon. - It has a balanced sense, extremely high purity and a clean texture.
- Besides, the high-frequency details, line sense and sound field are outstanding in terms of clarity, transparency and real sense.

- Headphone Upgrade Cable only, Headphone is not included.

Package Includes:
- 1 x 3.5MM Male to 4.4MM Female Upgrade Adapter Cable

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*The product is aftermarket product made by Geekria. It does not bear any trademarks that are owned by the original headphone company, and the seller is not affiliated with the headphone company, in any way

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